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Times change. Organizations are rethinking “Office”; conventional business practices which have been the bane of corporate culture over the past decades. Organizations are beginning to change communication models, work hierarchy, location, bureaucracy, workflows, team learning etc. The precursor to this great paradigm shift is technology.

Technology has made certain operations obsolete. With the introduction of automated monitoring, system workflows, performance indicators, collaboration systems etc., we are bound to see more redundant processes go out the door. Technology can greatly reduce overhead and downtime.



The objective of these classes is to bring to the fore the most viable technology, processes, and practices which organizations are employing to greatly increase efficiency and reduce overheads, to the barest minimum. Also, equip participants with certain proficiency to deploy and implement most of these solutions. The technologies are diverse and will cut across a broad spectrum, from proprietary systems to open source.


This workshop is intended for technology savvy professionals and mid-level/top-level executives.


  • ·         Leveraging Cloud Technology: Use cloud servers to reduce infrastructure costs to the barest minimum. Get free tier cloud servers running Unix based systems and Windows Server 2012
  • ·         Using Call Centre Technology to remain in Constant Contact: Even your small business can operate a call centre.
  • ·         Understanding content management systems
  • ·         Document collaboration and control using SharePoint, Dropbox and Distributed file system (DFS)
  • ·         Streamlining processes and security with Biometrics
  • ·         Open source technologies your business can’t do without
  • ·         Choosing and deploying the best Payroll technology
  • ·         Deploying your own eCommerce website
  • ·         Deploying Sage 300 online
  • ·         User engagement tool kits
  • ·         Deploying a customer relationship manager (CRM) technology
  • ·         Deploying a help desk technology
  • ·         Deploying videoconferencing
  • ·         The best tools for remote support
  • ·         Integrating your eCommerce system with a CRM


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